I hope that all of the tweets from the cast saying “Our show is so hilarious” and “This episode is so funny, guys” doesn’t mean that they’re going to try and mold Shameless into more of a comedy rather than a drama with comedic elements. That would just break my heart. It’s like trying to change who you are because the one you want (AWARDS!) wants you to be someone you’re not.

Shameless - You’re perfect. Just the way you are.

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shameless alphabet  faceless

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Thanks to free wifi I’m kind of in New York right now by proxy. I’m definitely doing some long distance shopping via my sister who’s there at the moment while I’m in Denmark. Everything is so CHEAP! You Americans don’t know how good you’ve got it when it comes to shopping. I want to buy everything!

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I do believe that this was an improvised scene too. How’d you like that?!

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I just wanted to let you all know that I finally have my computer back!! I’m honestly so happy that it seems to be working again. I got a new hard drive, so now I’m working on re-installing everything. I’m just so happy that I can get some stuff done again. I’m back, tumblr :D I missed ya!

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Sending my little sister off to New York for two weeks on monday, so that should be interesting. Of course I’ll be doing some long distance shopping via her. Which is great. In other good news, I got my computer fixed and I won’t have to pay anything for it! (Except maybe for a new Office pack, which I don’t want to pay for if I can help it since losing the old one isn’t my fault). It’s just waiting for me to pick it back up early next week!! Yay :)

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This has a lot of notes. As it should.

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Peachy keen, jellybean.

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really important information that will save your summer!

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so this just happened

This is amazing. They could work this into the show somehow. That would be cool.

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Very sad that Emmy yet again didn’t get a nomination for yet another stellar performance this past season. I’m quite surprised that of all the performances on Shameless it’s Bill Macy and Joan Cusack that are nominated, simply because Frank and Sheila were both so detached from the rest of the characters’ storylines this season and also not really the main focus - but maybe that’s just me. Their performances certainly are nominations/awards worthy, but so are so many of the other performances on the show, from people who are much more integral to the story (Emmy, Jeremy, Noel), performances that are consistently stellar and still aren’t nominated. I’m guessing there’s a lot to be said for name recognition.

So it’s not that I think that Bill Macy and Joan Cusack’s nominations aren’t well-deserved, it’s just that I’m surprised (well, not really) and sad that the other GREAT performances on the show are overlooked.

I am however very glad that Shameless managed to - FOR ONCE - snag one of the major acting nominations. (There’s the silver lining). Onwards and upwards!

All in all, congratulations on the three Emmy nominations, Shameless! (They also received one for stunt coordination).
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I’m trying really hard to have low expectations and  not get my hopes up, but at the same I can feel myself getting my hopes up…

Same here.

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Holy cra-, something. My computer just died and I actually managed to back everything up before it did! I’m not computer literate, but I got this windows-message saying that it’d found a harddrive error and I’m glad I decided to take it seriously and back things up, because now when I try to start it up, all I get after waiting a long time is a black screen with the cursor on it. Yikes. I’m feeling oddly ambivalent about it, because I actually managed to back it up! :P Plus it’s insured.

So for the time being I’m tumblring on my iPhone, so I won’t really be able to do anything major. Definitely no edits for emmyfans. But I’m still here, folks! ;)

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I’m obsessed with Lisa Eldridge’s makeup tutorials at the moment! She’s supremely talented, and her voice is so soothing.

She’s a professional makeup artist, and has been for a long time as far as I’ve gathered. She has done work for magazines as well as celebrities and probably also a lot of other stuff that I don’t know about. She both has a blog and a youtube channel, and she posts all kinds of makeup related videos - tutorials, technique videos, talks about skincare etc.

I definitely recommend checking out her videos :) They’re pretty amazing, even if you aren’t that into makeup. There’s tips to pick up, no matter how much or how little you care about makeup.

I love this look she did for Keira Knightley (there’s a video tutorial on her youtube channel).

Lisa Eldridge on YouTube


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so we found this fabric at joanns today.

seems like a good time of year to bring this back.

The ancient and well-known ‘Haaay America!’-tapestry. I mean, look at the guy on the horse all of them.


There’s so much to love here. What the hell where they going for??

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