Also, I love that I know how to find out what the Ikea Christmas collections look like early each year :P It’s Christmas in august!

I’m going to say that I liked it better last year (I mean, all of that plaid was just <3<3<3!), but it’s not terrible. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up buying some of it.

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Pretty sure I was Scottish in a past life. The sound of bag pipes gives me chills if they don’t outright make me cry.

Not to mention the plaid. Give me all of the plaid. You should see my winter bedding. It’s a pretty shocking amount of plaid. Can’t. Get. Enough.

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Always feeling like the odd stupid one out.

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These ‘FredEx’ segments from Late Night with Seth Meyers are THE BEST. Don’t question it. Just watch.

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I have high hopes for the Fall/Winter 2014/15 fashion. Bring me a good winter coat. I know you can do it, fashion people.

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Rest in peace, funny man.

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Who is ready for chilly nights, pumpkin spiced lattes, hoodie & jeans, bonfires, crisp air, cider mills, hayrides, haunted houses, 13 nights of Halloween, apple cider, fall candles, changing leaves, carving pumpkins, and walks in the woods. I know I sure am!

Meeee! I feel like I come to life in the colder months. I’m not kidding when I say that summer sometimes makes me depressed, it’s like seasonal affective disorder only in the Summer in stead - which I just now learned is actually a thing thanks to wikipedia. I tried telling one of my supposed best friends (for a number of reasons not anymore) that summer makes me super stressed out, uncomfortable and depressed, and she did not even pretend to be understanding at all.

I am so most definitely meant to live in colder climates. So thank god for the Danish weather. I feel like that’s the only time anyone has ever said those words.

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Emmy Rossum arriving at ‘Craig’s’ in West Hollywood, with her boyfriend Sam Esmail  (August 9th, 2014)

Hashtag so cute I might vomit

Hashtag or maybe it’s just the ice cream and candy I just ate

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Emmy Rossum at Craig’s Restaurant in West Hollywood (August 9, 2014)

Omg. I almost have anxiety over how cute they are. I’m embarrassing myself right now, but I don’t care.

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"Gwyneth greets Beyoncé with a glass. “Drink this. It’s eel-infused water. You’ll feel like a new person.”" - Vanity Fair
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Shameless’ ‘Tomatometer’ score from Rotten Tomatoes, in case anyone was wondering.

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I’m starting to develop a crush on Zachary Levi from the gifs you’ve been posting, Liah! I haven’t even watched Chuck, so this is all just based on your reblogs. I’m not one bit sorry ;) Keep them coming. He’s adorable.

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Oh my god, so adorable. Also, I might have the url benenedictcumberbatch saved. I mean, when one comes across a good url, it’s what one should do, right?

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In unimportant news: I just re-installed my Office pack and boy is it good to have Word back. WordPad was a scary and rough experience. I’m sorry WordPad, but you’re too basic for me. I love you, Word!

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