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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards (x)

Literally translated from Danish to English the expression that someone is ‘a handful’ is that someone is ‘a mouthful’. Still funny though :P

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Paul Rudd dancing

You need this on your dashboard. You’re welcome.

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There seems to be a growing problem that I’ve noticed with how some people address various members of the cast, primarily Cameron. This was posted recently and I honestly think something needs to be said because this shit is getting out of hand.

CELEBRITIES ARE PEOPLE. Real breathing, laughing, talking people who have the ability to read and can see the incredibly rude and disgusting things you tell them. It baffles me that anyone would think that kind of comment (i.e. ‘you deserve cancer’) is justified simply over a twitter follow, much less justified in any situation. This sadly isn’t the first time I’ve seen something like this. I’ve seen people make comments to Emma G and Emma K about their weight, and I’ve seen people make numerous crude and vulgar comments to Noel, Cameron, and Emmy.


These people are not figments of your imagine for you to say whatever the hell you want to them, and show zero respect. If you can’t address someone in the public eye with the same level of respect you’d use to address a stranger on the street, then don’t be addressing them at all. It’s embarrassing and it makes us as a whole look bad.

I support this wholeheartedly. It’s as if people forget that celebrities are people too, and not just these things that exist for them to use however they please. The things people think is okay to write on the internet to/about other people is astounding.

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Happy 28th Birthday, Emmy Rossum! (September 12th, 1986)

Happy Birthday, Emmy! :)

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Just a little ‘outtake’ from my recent gifset I posted on emmyfans. It’s so lovely I couldn’t not post it! I was thinking that maybe some of all you role players might like to use it, so go ahead and grab it :)

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This is a talent. Saying something that is potentially scary to another person, while you’re still smiley and lovely and nice to them. Killing with kindness. Amy Poehler is amazing.

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The Tonight Show - “I’ve Got Good News and Good News” 


It’s best to go to bed with some good news

This is cute :)

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My goodness. Who would have thought it?

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This is why I make gifs (yes, I do stalk people who reblog my things, just to look at their tags). To be completely honest, I find the process of making gifs tedious and the results can really vary in quality, but I’m pretty pleased with how this set turned out. I’ll be so so happy if the time I spent means that just one more person ends up watching the movie.


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Emmy Rossum and Hilary Swank in You’re Not You (2014)

"She doesn’t make me feel like a patient."

I can’t wait for October 10th!

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Pretty sure I was Scottish in a past life. The sound of bag pipes gives me chills if they don’t outright make me cry.

Not to mention the plaid. Give me all of the plaid. You should see my winter bedding. It’s a pretty shocking amount of plaid. Can’t. Get. Enough.

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Always feeling like the odd stupid one out.

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