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well i think it’s amazing

This is one of my favourite Office bits ever.

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Mumford & Sons - Hopeless Wanderer, featuring Ed Helms, Jason Bateman, Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis

This made me extremely happy today

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We all know that saying goodbye to the show is going to hurt like a motherf***er, but there is a life after The Office:

  1. New episodes of Arrested Development on Netflix on May 26. (Watch out for John Krasinski’s cameo!)
  2. Workaholics - another crazy comedy in an office setting
  3. RERUNS, reruns forever. And your DVDs. They aren’t going to disappear tomorrow.
  4. The Mindy Project - Our very own Mindy Kaling’s own show. More ‘Kelly Kapoor’, only now her name is Mindy Lahiri. Great show btw.
  5. Parks and Recreation - Created by Greg Daniels and Mike Schur. It’s not the same, but the creative muscle is definitely there.
  6. Jenna Fischer will be starring in the Off-Broadway play “Reasons to Be Happy” and the movie “You Are Here” with Zach Galifianakis and Amy Poehler
  7. Rainn Wilson will be playing the main character in a new detective show, “Backstrom” on CBS.
  8. Angela Kinsey will be starring in “The Gabriels” on FOX with Rob Riggle (aka Captain Jack!).
  9. John Krasinski is working on a project about Chateau Marmont with Aaron Sorkin and lending his voice to Monsters University premiering this Summer
  10. Ed Helms will be in The Hangover III also this Summer
  11. Ellie Kemper, Oscar Nuñez, Craig Robinson and Jake Lacy (‘Plop’) are starring in separate pilots - fingers crossed for everyone!
  12. You may be able to find Clark Duke in the sequel to Hot Tub Time Machine, if that project gets off the ground.
  13. Steve Carell has a lot of projects lined up - check out his imdb page!
  14. Creed Bratton just released a new album (his sixth!) called "Tell Me About It".

What are you looking forward to, to tide you over the ending of The Office?

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"Executive Producer Greg Daniels has gone on record to say that he would like to air a supersized version of The Office Series Finale. It is already scheduled as a one-hour episode, but we, The Office faithful, support Mr. Daniels’ request for an extension. Please sign the petition to add your support!” - OfficeTally

Share, and sign the petition here! Let’s do this, tumblr fanblogs!

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I have no idea how to tag this. 

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Happy 33rd birthday, John!

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Andy Bernard’s family tree. It would seem like he was born to work at Dunder Mifflin Scranton.

He is related to Angela Stapler, Jim Sayles, Stanley Coffee, HP Dell, and Dwight Plum among others. And also, as it happens, Anastasia Steele and the man who coined the phrase “See you later, alligator”..

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Not only does Dunder Mifflin have a working website (it’s elaborate, so go explore!), but it also has a lot of newsletters with updates from all our favourite and not-so-favourite employees! In fact there’s a new one from two days ago! :) You can read them all and sign up to receive them via email here!

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This is the best thing.

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I read a comment on a site about ivy league style.. by Andy “Drew” Bernard?!

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"Long Island Iced Tea - bad decision in a glass." - Andy Bernard
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A very handsome young Ed Helms from the intro of Jeff, Who Lives At Home.

I love all the family photos that they used during the opening credits. Am I completely wrong in that the first one of Ed as a little kid was used in Cedar Rapids too? Maybe that’s just me. It just seemed really familiar. 

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  • Jim: I suck!
  • Andy: Tuna, be nice to my friend Jim, okay?
  • Jim: Why? When I look in the mirror I don't like the face that looks back.
  • Andy: Well, so what? Your body's a ten!
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